Having Faith can bring us a good reputation!

Today God spoke to me about having FAITH and the blessing that it brings!

During my Morning Bible Study I opened the Word of God at Hebrews 11. This was ironically also the same scripture our Pastor used in Church yesterday morning and I instinctively knew this was Gods way of highlighting the importance of what meant having true faith really mean. I believe God had told me to spread His word and I needed true faith to pursue this.

The first scripture of Hebrews 11 phrases the scripture we all know quite well. “Faith is confidence that what we hope for will actually happen, it gives us assurance about things we cannot see”. But the second verse not mentioned as much goes on to tell us more about how having faith earned people a good reputation. Because isn’t that what Faith is all about? Hoping for something good to come? “Through their faith, the people in days of old earned a good reputation”. Hebrews 11:2.

Now, the good reputation here does not mean that all people on earth responded well to their acts of faith. On the contrary, if we take Noah as an example. “It was by faith that Noah built a large boat to save his family from the flood. He obeyed God, who warned him about the things that had never happened before. By faith that Noah condemned the world, and he received the righteousness that comes by faith”. Hebrews 11: 7. Through the whole scripture in Hebrews 11 we can see that God awarded those who truly put their faith in Him not through worldly prizes but by earning a good reputation in the Kingdom of God. May the Lord Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ and the Angels in Heaven know our names. What greater gift is there really?

After reading this scripture I now understand even better the importance of true faith and how it not only brings a blessing to us from God but by blessing Gods people through our acts of faith we are blessed to by earning a good reputation at the King of Kings! Isn’t this exciting?  For if Joseph had not obeyed God to command the people to leave Egypt where would we have been today?

Therefor let us pray and give thanks to the Lord for creating faith so that all Christians can receive Gods blessing and be known by the God of Gods in good reputation.

God Almighty. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob we thank You for giving us the ability to have faith because You always keep your promises. We thank You and honor You that You are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and that through the Blood of Christ we can come to You on our own and worship You wherever we go. We ask You to please guide us as we walk by faith and not by sight because we truly believe in You. Amen







The Word of God

The Word of God sometimes comes to us when we don’t expect it. It comes to us when we forget to listen or when we least expect it. It is alive and it speaks to our hearts. Sometimes it asks something of us, sometimes it just comes to comfort us. To heal it, to embraces us, or just to love us. It is love. It is comfort.

It speaks to thousands of different people

Over thousands of years

At different times in their lives

At different times during the day

Bringing different words of wisdom



Anyone can read it over everyday and still learn something new each day

What other book can do this?

Why can it do this?

Because the WORD of GOD is ALIVE!

It is God speaking to Us

It CHANGES everyday

To help us on our way

It changes for EVERY HEART



My Moon

Tonight I took a photo of the moon. Standing beneath it, I notice how mysterious it looks with the shadows of branches branching into the frame.

And I wonder.

What does the moon see? Is she also staring back at me? Does she see in color or only shades of yellow or black and white? Does she long for someone to take her place? Does she always shine so bright or are there days she feel like hiding or simply turning grey?

My moon

My moon

So big and bright

So round and light

Do you also long for love

So far away alone above

Do you also wish upon a star

Or wonder why we stay so far

My moon

My beautiful unique moon

May we meet again soon

Do you shine so bright just for me

How I long to speak to thee

Oh how I long for thee to see








Tuesdays – what’s your favourite day of the week?

There’s something about Tuesdays isn’t there? Mondays comes with panic and mania and then Tuesdays comes wadding through the door and suddenly all the rush is gone. Everything seems calm again and it just feels like you can breathe and relax. To me, Tuesdays are like having a mini Friday just after Manic Monday. Even though Tuesdays can feel never-ending to me sometimes, it just gives me ample time to finish my day with ease. What day do you love? What day speaks to your soul?

Setting just ONE goal Today, ripples into your whole week! Participate NOW and see what follows…

When we inspire to be great, great things happen. Every Monday we get the chance to change the way our normal weekly routine plays out. We can only experience new things, once we try something new or change something small that we do everyday!

My goal for today will be #Planning! This morning I first took out my calendar and planned out my whole week, because I have a very hectic week ahead of me and my daughter and I are feeling a bit under the weather. This way I will make sure that I don’t forget something important and that all goes as planned.

I don’t normally do this every morning but am going to start implementing it daily. Go on. What is your goal for today? What will you change or implement in your daily schedule which will help you tomorrow. It can be anything small to something big. Please comment below and inspire others to change and make change happen for good!

What is your purpose?

As a family I believe we are here to help one another find our purpose in life.

The word purpose is probably one of the most used words in history, philosophy, all doctrine actually and in life itself. It is a word created by humans and mostly applies to the human world. It is a word we all struggle with at one point of our lives and some throughout their whole life. It is something we search for, question and wonder about.

The most common form of use of the word purpose is as a question “What is my purpose in life? “Although the word itself is quite simple and easily defined the question behind the word is one of the most unanswered questions in life and ultimately one of the hardest words defined. Or is it really?

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word “purpose” as “the reason why something is done or used, or the aim or intention of something”. If the word is so easily defined in a dictionary why then has it become something we all question continuously?

Perhaps it is because we are the most intelligent form of being on earth and that each of us are unique. Each one of us are purely unique and cannot be defined in a dictionary. The way we view life and all its creation is different due to different circumstances creating us into what we have become and because we are all free to become anything we wish.

If we look at the purpose of a creature who also experiences emotion like ourselves, we will see that the purpose of this creature can be very easily defined. Let’s take a dog as an example. A dog can easily be described in various ways, a four legend canine animal, an animal used for domesticated purposes. A dog can even be described as something that we eat in some cultures. Was the purpose of a dog easily defined? Yes, it was.

Why then are our purpose in life so hard to define? Perhaps it is because we are trying to define our own purpose. This sentence might read strange to you so read it again before your continue reading. Perhaps it is because we are trying to define our own purpose. Did the dog define its own existence? No, the dog did not define its own existence. We as humans, having the upper-hand on a dog defined it for ourselves.

Thus, it has come to my conclusion that because we do not have an upper-hand except that what we believe and if we believe in a creator will never be able to define our own purpose. It can merely be created and defined by what is beyond us. If you do not believe in something greater than yourself you will never be able to define your purpose.

I as a believer of God does not struggle with this question anymore, because I believe in something greater than myself. I believe I was created for a purpose. I believe that my creator has to define my purpose in life. I believe that there is a God who created the heavens and earth. I believe that the same God created me and all people living on earth.  I believe that the God in heaven created us for this purpose and glory and that we are called to love one another in unity. As it is written in the Bible, in His Word, which is similar to our Dictionaries in the book Matthew 6 verse 33 God says “But seek first the kingdom of God and this righteousness, and all these things will be added to you”. Once we commit under God and seek Him first, every other aspect of our lives will fall into place. We will not long to find our purpose because it will be given unto us along with all that we need because our God in Heaven knows our thoughts and cares for us.

So, I will ask again? What is your purpose on earth? Do you know your purpose? Go and think about this today if you do not know your purpose on earth. It might be that you do not know your purpose because you do not know your creator. If you wonder about who your creator is and you do not know who your God is. Get a copy of a book called the Bible and I promise you, all your questions will be answered. I will end with this verse from the first book of the Bible called Genesis 1 verse 27. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”