How long will you wait?

In the end it’s not about what we’ve accomplished, accumulated or created. It’s about how much we’ve lived! How many times we laughed and cried and the memories we created!

If you are not doing something which inspires you to inspire and thugs at your thoughts when you lie in bed… are you truly living? Are you using this miraculous gift called life the God who created the heavens and the earth has given you? The God who created you and everything living beside you? From the sand in the sea to the stars in the sky, to the crawling ants and the leaping antelopes.

Or have you given up and are living a life where you are just going about every day waiting for something to happen? Because if you’re waiting for life to happen my dear, no one knows you are. And the chances are you’ll be waiting your whole life.

No one knows your dreams and thoughts. No one can see inside your hearts desires. Only you can see inside yourself. Only you can chase your dreams. Only you can make the magic happen. Don’t say you don’t have time or money. Start on the side. Start 1 minute a day, then 10 minutes a day. Start with what you have. Start living your life. Because you never know when the conductor will be calling your name and tell you it’s time to get off at the next stop, and you’ll have to leave all your belongings and everyone you know and go to a place unknown to us all… When that day comes, I pray that you will feel as though you gave it your all. That you will feel content and that the treasures you build would be of memories which you take with you on your next journey and that truly living made all the difference…


In your company – Poetry

In your company

What makes you so powerful?
Your smell evokes me
Your touch makes me linger for more
You make me laugh
I can’t wait to hear more from you
Your words are everlasting

You take me to places I never even knew exist
You touch my heart and make me feel emotions deeper than my soul
I linger on your thoughts
I long for your company
I can take you with me where ever I go
It’s you and me and me and you

Sometimes you teach me
Other times you just sit with me
Sometimes we go places
Other times you give me a place to go

How can anyone not long for you
Not want to know your thoughts
They must have never taken the time to just sit with you

You teach me and scare me
Sometimes at the same time
You have become one of my most essential needs
I can keep you to myself or share you with those I love
Cause to you, jealousy don’t even exist

Come, my book – let us continue on our journey

J. Swanepoel







“No tree is of no use” – J. Swanepoel

For a while now we’ve noticed a tree in our back yard with no leaves, filled with only dead branches. After much discussion we decided that the tree must be dead from the inside. Still, there was so much beauty in the dead tree that we just couldn’t get ourselves to cut it down.

Every night when I looked up at the stars and the trees branches would get captured in my image I actually became more drawn to this tree than any of the other trees in our garden. It was mesmerizing.

Last week, while I was outside my husband told me to look up. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The once dead tree now had a bush of leaves on it. During the day it even provides shade for the dogs the lay under or the kids to play beneath it.


Thus I came up with this quote which will now always stick with me.

“No tree is of no use”. J. Swanepoel

This reminded me that it is also applicable in our own lives. No person is ever of no use. Even though we might feel as though we have died from the inside, as if our hearts have broken beyond repair. Through our brokenness, we still shine for someone else. Just like the tree at the right time, under the perfect circumstances, we can start to live again and flourish in such a way that we even start to provide for others needs without even realising it.

Thus I have come to another understanding and that is that “No man can ever be of no use”. J. Swanepoel

Even if we feel like we can’t go on. We still shine, provide for those in need and live to tell the tale. Cause just like trees, we all have to go through life’s seasons.


Having Faith can bring us a good reputation!

Today God spoke to me about having FAITH and the blessing that it brings!

During my Morning Bible Study I opened the Word of God at Hebrews 11. This was ironically also the same scripture our Pastor used in Church yesterday morning and I instinctively knew this was Gods way of highlighting the importance of what meant having true faith really mean. I believe God had told me to spread His word and I needed true faith to pursue this.

The first scripture of Hebrews 11 phrases the scripture we all know quite well. “Faith is confidence that what we hope for will actually happen, it gives us assurance about things we cannot see”. But the second verse not mentioned as much goes on to tell us more about how having faith earned people a good reputation. Because isn’t that what Faith is all about? Hoping for something good to come? “Through their faith, the people in days of old earned a good reputation”. Hebrews 11:2.

Now, the good reputation here does not mean that all people on earth responded well to their acts of faith. On the contrary, if we take Noah as an example. “It was by faith that Noah built a large boat to save his family from the flood. He obeyed God, who warned him about the things that had never happened before. By faith that Noah condemned the world, and he received the righteousness that comes by faith”. Hebrews 11: 7. Through the whole scripture in Hebrews 11 we can see that God awarded those who truly put their faith in Him not through worldly prizes but by earning a good reputation in the Kingdom of God. May the Lord Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ and the Angels in Heaven know our names. What greater gift is there really?

After reading this scripture I now understand even better the importance of true faith and how it not only brings a blessing to us from God but by blessing Gods people through our acts of faith we are blessed to by earning a good reputation at the King of Kings! Isn’t this exciting?  For if Joseph had not obeyed God to command the people to leave Egypt where would we have been today?

Therefor let us pray and give thanks to the Lord for creating faith so that all Christians can receive Gods blessing and be known by the God of Gods in good reputation.

God Almighty. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob we thank You for giving us the ability to have faith because You always keep your promises. We thank You and honor You that You are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and that through the Blood of Christ we can come to You on our own and worship You wherever we go. We ask You to please guide us as we walk by faith and not by sight because we truly believe in You. Amen






The Word of God

The Word of God sometimes comes to us when we don’t expect it. It comes to us when we forget to listen or when we least expect it. It is alive and it speaks to our hearts. Sometimes it asks something of us, sometimes it just comes to comfort us. To heal it, to embraces us, or just to love us. It is love. It is comfort.

It speaks to thousands of different people

Over thousands of years

At different times in their lives

At different times during the day

Bringing different words of wisdom



Anyone can read it over everyday and still learn something new each day

What other book can do this?

Why can it do this?

Because the WORD of GOD is ALIVE!

It is God speaking to Us

It CHANGES everyday

To help us on our way

It changes for EVERY HEART



My Moon

Tonight I took a photo of the moon. Standing beneath it, I notice how mysterious it looks with the shadows of branches branching into the frame.

And I wonder.

What does the moon see? Is she also staring back at me? Does she see in color or only shades of yellow or black and white? Does she long for someone to take her place? Does she always shine so bright or are there days she feel like hiding or simply turning grey?

My moon

My moon

So big and bright

So round and light

Do you also long for love

So far away alone above

Do you also wish upon a star

Or wonder why we stay so far

My moon

My beautiful unique moon

May we meet again soon

Do you shine so bright just for me

How I long to speak to thee

Oh how I long for thee to see








Tuesdays – what’s your favourite day of the week?

There’s something about Tuesdays isn’t there? Mondays comes with panic and mania and then Tuesdays comes wadding through the door and suddenly all the rush is gone. Everything seems calm again and it just feels like you can breathe and relax. To me, Tuesdays are like having a mini Friday just after Manic Monday. Even though Tuesdays can feel never-ending to me sometimes, it just gives me ample time to finish my day with ease. What day do you love? What day speaks to your soul?