02 December 2021

Shalom dear brothers and sisters in Christ. This is the second Prophesy I am writing. The second time I went up to the heavenly places. I will write an account of what I saw.

I was in bed asleep when I saw a vision of two giant hands come down from heaven and grasp or intertwine two small hands. I thought what strange vision is this and then I saw it looked like God’s hands and mine and that he was asking me if He can take me up to heaven again. I was very tired but immediately said yes Lord please since I went up once I have been longing to go ever since. It is the only place I want to be. Then I saw the following as I heard God speak to me;

I was suddenly transported to heaven and stood in the middle of a galaxy surrounded by planets and stars in every direction I turned my head. Surrounding me were angels but the one standing in front of me had no legs only feathers. The biggest sparkling white almost silver feathers which I have ever seen before. Its wings came down from like the feathers of a dove and reached till the end like a bird which wings were closed. When he opened his wings, he had other wings underneath and two legs that looked like those of a bird. There were other angels too all dressed up for battle, but they had the appearance of man and battle armour on. I looked and saw other angels more above me. They had the face of an animal but when they moved it looked as if they had the face of a man and at other times those of a lion and then an eagle or some kind of bird. What struck me was how big they were. Some were as big as planets, others just a bit smaller but compared to me they looked like giants. And then I saw the giant hands again holding the planet earth in His hand and I realized this must be God Almighty. He was bigger than all the angels and the galaxy could hardly contain His greatness. Then one of the angels’ feathers fell in front of me, pure and white as snow but the size of it still consumed me. I asked God what this means, and He answered me that we do not understand how great He truly is or His angels. That they are all standing and waiting for us to send them to fight for us, but they cannot move because we are not speaking the word. We need to realize that they were created to fight on our behalf too and that just as Jesus commanded that there be light and there was the light that we have so much power in the words we utter because we are made in His image. God’s spoken word into existence we can do the same!!!

Then I stood there which seemed like for ages and I worshipped the God, the Creator of All, and praised His Name.

I tried to create an image of what I saw but again I can only use what images I can get.

May the God of glory, lift you up as you bring praises to His Mighty Name. He is the beginning and the end and shall reign forever and ever, Amen

Love to all the nations,


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