What are you thankful for in 2018?

As I lie in bed listening to the crickets and the warm summer breeze, I feel like a small girl who has just got a lollipop! I seriously have this grin on my face and a heart which is filled with gratitude.

Over the past two years I have started to pray for my family. Not in general, for specific needs they require. Sometimes I do forget for a week or two, but continuously I prayed almost in a way that I already knew they have received it. I picture them receiving the blessing from God inside my mind and them being tremendously thankful.

This month, I have seen five of the things which I’ve prayed for happen. Therefore, my heart is jumping with joy as I just get reminded that we have a father who is alive and tends to all our needs.

I once heard someone say that you must write down your prayer requests so that you can tick them down and see that not only does your prayers get answered, but that God still performs miracles everyday. Sometimes you pray for months at an end, wondering if God has even heard your prayers, but He does it in His own time for those who lives according to His will.

With the end of the year approaching, what are you thankful for? Has any of your prayers been answered? Have you even had a chance to pray?

This coming year.. grab a notepad, write your prayers down, revise and as you see them get answered, keep adding to your prayer list. This is also a crucial part of the building blocks you are adding to your relationship with God.

Thank you God that I can share your miracles.

Thank you God for your goodness and grace.

Thank you God for a spiritual family.

Thank you God for all our gifts, blessings and love.

May your prayer list grow into a thank you list giving fruit to new beginnings, hope and many blessings.







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