Choosing your emotional sponge – Pink or Green?

Yesterday afternoon as we were heading for class, a small group of girls came asking my advice about a boy who could only speak negative things to them. All of the girls agreed that they have never heard the boy speak one positive word to another human being before. As I’ve known this boy for the last four years I can sadly agree. I thought long and hard and my advice to the girls was to pretend that they had gone completely deaf when the boy starts to speak and rather walk away. In the meantime, they should pray for the boy and refuse to cause any conflict whatsoever as he thrives causing conflict wherever he goes. Knowing the boy’s mother I just cannot wrap my mind around his behavior as she is a therapist herself and generally a fun, loving, and very likable person.

This morning as my kids and I listened to our online biblical WhatsApp clip the pastor compared people to sponges. He explained that we absorb our situations, emotions, and social-behavioral traits of the people whom we are surrounded with. His opening statement was. “Don’t you end up asking yourself sometimes? Why is this person like that? They are really strange. I just don’t get them.” and then even made the funny joke “They are JUST like my family in law.” Now, I am not saying all of you do not have a good relationship with your mother or father-in-law but it’s common to think that your mother-in-law is from Venus and your father-in-law is from Mars or born from an alien. Just kidding.

Then it struck me. It might not be that this boys immediate family is the cause of his strange, mischievous behavior but he might be spending a lot of time with some wrong friends or an older nephew or uncle where the liquid which he is absorbing is more poisonous to him than he or his parents might even realize. Causing him to spill that bitterness wherever he goes leaving one green dirty trail instead of giving off a nice clean trail of blue soapy bubbles.

In this world, we must be awake and ask ourselves what we are absorbing ? Is it good for us? Cause once it is inside of us it will stain us and leave a mark that could either change us for the better or the worse. Will we ever be able to get the color out again, or the memory? What impact will it have on other people’s lives once we go and share it with our loved ones? Cause no matter how hard we try to keep it inside, our sponges will overflow and whatever is on the inside will seep over and fill those around us, but it is up to every one of us to decide if it will have a positive or a negative impact on those around us. Let’s choose to go out today and make the world a better place. Let us choose to leave only clean water trails or light pink rose flavored liquids which will fill those around us with an aroma of joy and happiness!

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