01 – The 24 Elders bow down and angels fill the galaxy

19 November 2021

Shalom dear brothers and sisters in Christ. This is the first Prophesy I will write. In reality, it is the second but the first one was just God appointing me as a Prophet to the nations.

I was in bed praying when I felt the presence of the Lord God Almighty enter
and then I was suddenly up in the heavens. I saw this throne room and twenty-four
elders sitting and praying towards Him and casting down their crowns on the
ground. I saw God sitting on the throne in the middle and He was like a ray of
shining light. He looked like a Spirit for He was too bright to look at but
then I saw His face and it looked like the face of man. He had a silver beard,
and his eyes was almost sad but so comforting. It was as if I heard Him say
that He only showed me His face to show the kindness in it. Then it became
radiant light. I saw Jesus towards his righthand side, and He looked just like
the Father just younger, and I have never seen a kinder face besides Jesus.
They truly are the same person. Jesus was also sitting on a throne. He looked
like He was ready to teach or help or do something. Amen to our Saviour Jesus
who always wants to help or heal. And then I saw a figure which was just
radiating light in the middle and I felt like it was the Holy Spirit of the
Lord which is both God and Jesus for they are all three in one. Just like they
are in us. Mighty in power with love always everlasting.

Then I closed my eyes and worshipped the God of the Universe and prayed a
thank you prayer. I tried to create a pricture of what I saw and had to use what images I could find just to give you a bit of an idea. 

May you see God’s glory, and may He bless you as you see His Kingdom come.

Love to all the nations,


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