God comes to speak to me AT NIGHT for YOU and all the generations to come!

Shalom to everyone! So, I will jump right in. For the last few weeks, God has been waking me up and speaking to me like I have never heard Him before. He has shown me visions which I can hardly find the words to describe how wonderful and amazing they are! It feels as if God has been preparing me for this for a long time, but I only recently decided to pick up my own cross and follow Jesus fully committed. That was when the last two visions started. If I knew I had to do that for this I would have done it 15 years ago but God’s timing is not ours dear brothers and sisters.

I am going to write the blog posts in order as I received His word and will call it No.1, 2 etc and will continue to write as God shows me more. I really feel in my heart that I need to share this word with as many people as possible so please ask God what He wants to show you as you read this and feel free to add your comments. Positive please, I will not respond to negative comments only pray for you as we are one body in Christ Jesus and quarelling will not get us anywhere but Prayer will get us everywhere.

22 September 2021

“I will appoint you a prophet over many nations.” God said. “But Lord I do not know how to prophesy?” I answered him. “Who are you to ask the Maker what He made the pot for? Do you question My authority? When I speak the wind obey and mountains bow to me. For I only speak in truth. You know what I called you for. I have been giving you revelation daily. This started out as a dream. It is now time to make it a reality. The end is near, and my new-borns needs to know their shepherd’s voice. The schemes of the enemy on our children have never been like this before. It has become a time to”…. God says. “Do not put words in my mouth for it is I the Lord which have spoken!” I say, “I am sorry Abba Father.” “The devil is walking around like a roaring lion looking to devour day and night. Be diligent in your prayers for one another. Steadfast in fasting and community. Go and preach the Goodnews the Lord your God is coming and His Son will come down from heaven to save all who believes that He died and rose again and sit at the righthand side of God, the One True Righteous King. My prophesy will be fulfilled as it is written. Abernaba amagtabi mabadi amaseba. Maba maba sela sela my child. (I just typed what I heard and not sure about the spelling) I love you. Your heart filled with thoughts of me daily. Your mind consumed with your purpose through me. Your ways only concern me. You are my olive branch in whom I take delight. Fear not for I go before you like I did before Abraham, David and Jacob now called Israel. I call you by name as you will call others by name in My name. In the name of Jesus, Jeshua, The One True King. You do not fear any authority of this world, yet you fear my law? I have made a new covenant with you. You have died and thus become dead to the law of Moses when you accepted Jesus as your saviour. It is my Spirit who lives in You and is has Written my ways in your heart. Why do you fear death? For you have already overcome it. Patiently await your new body in Christ as we join in Spirit, and I gladly teach you, My ways. For you have also the gift of teaching and encouragement to others. Use it wisely.”

“Thank you for being faithful my child. Your father in heaven will award you. Do you see what I mean of distractions? You cannot be fully into the Kingdom of God if your head has to guard your heart constantly. I am your Father and when I give to you, I give to you without pain, sorrow, or suffering. Do not live according to your feelings for they will make you wither like the lilies in the valley. But rather hold steadfast to My word which will endure forever.”

I the Lord Your God have spoken. Do not judge those you meet according to their skin colour or religion. I will let you only see their spirit and soul. Pray to Me for guidance and direction and I will give you the insight to preach what is true and just not what you think ought to be heard. For sometimes it is our flesh which takes over what we think we must present to win favour. You will not be appointed to bring or give favour. I will say it again. You will NOT be appointed to bring or give favour but to be righteous and just. For it is one of the qualities I have weaved inside of you in the womb and which you have kept all these years. This is part of your reward. Your inheritance. Give a just and true account of my revelation given to you no matter the outcome. As you read in My word today. I choose to give to some people and to some I choose to take away. To some I harden my heart and to others I give favour. You will not understand this as you cannot understand how the ocean simply stops where I tell it to. The waves end but yet keep on crushing day and night. The stars shine and give light and the sun and moon exchange one another to bring you rest and keep you from burning to death. Do not question my Authority it is I the Lord who have spoken. I have given you the gift of writing. Yet you choose to ignore it? Why my child? Do you say my gifts are not suitable? Do one return gifts given by a giver? You boast on how you love to write yet you never write about Me am I not worthy of Your words?” “I am so sorry Lord. ” I cry out. “I already know your answers before you speak. I know your thoughts for I have put them there. I am the Creator of all. Remember that the next time you lie in bed crying you are not worthy of living, of writing, of being loved of all the many things you disqualify yourself for. How long will you wait? You are made in My Image. I only create beautiful things thus look in the mirror again. The ache in your heart you’re feeling now… Do not shut the door to your heart again. Let Me come in and dwell in your presence. I want to plant a garden in your deserted heart. The time has come for you to walk out of Egypt. I command Egypt to let you go in the Mighty Name of Yahweh. Jesus your Saviour has set you free and will never again let any ruler or authority of the underworld hold you captive.

It is time to wake up and walk into your purpose. I called and I knocked and today you have opened. For you will not rest till you do. For I, the Lord your God have Spoken.

This was the first time I felt God speak so audibly to me that I was blown away. I stayed up and worshipped Him for the rest of the night and cried because He spoke to every part of my heart and knew the words I wanted to say before I even spoke them. I was thinking of them and then I heard Him spoke it. That was how I knew it was THE GOD ALMIGHTY! What He was going to say I had no idea back them. Please read No. 2 I beg of you because that is where God begins to speak not only to me but to His church. May God Our Everlasting Father give you peace and bless you! Love to all the nations Jeandré Swan – JS

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