04 December 2021

Shalom to the beautiful bride in Christ. May you pray over this prophesy as you read it and ask that God will give you meaning and insight according to His wisdom. Please share your thoughts for as we are one body in Christ we must train our thoughts to be the same so that we can stand boldly before our attackers. But do not be afraid for I have already overcome the world is what Jesus says unto us.

I woke up to the word of God. He had been giving me many dreams tonight but I heard Him say He wanted me to write what He was going to show me. So I sat up in bed and begin to see these visions.

Behold the day of judgment has come. And I see a lion in the sky with a face burning bright and red eyes. The lion looks very angry and I cannot look anymore. I see horses riding in the heavens and eagles flying high taking up people into heaven. I see big men carrying a woman and crying because in these days men and women will no longer be and I see a woman lying before God and He rubs her forehead with His hand and she starts to fade away like an oil painting in streaks. I see a picture of a little girl in the desert praying and a King riding on a white horse circulating the heavens. His horse’s tail’s hair is long and sweeps at the back. And I see a throne room in heaven. The one sitting on it looks tired and His clothes are torn His white robe, like after a battle. His head hangs and His hair is white and long but He is not destroyed or dismayed. Then I see another person swinging on a couch swing in heaven. Talking about the days. The one had a staff in his hands which looked like a serpent and was grey the other sat beside him and was younger both had small beards the other had brown hair. They saw the King of King’s approach and got up and began apologizing and I saw another feather fall from heaven unto their feet. He was in the form of a man Jesus and had a white robe on with a red mantle placed over to the side and was carrying cans of oil or water in dark brown bottles made from stone. As He began to open His mouth to speak the clouds gave way and all made space for the Bread of life.

Photo by Alexas Fotos on Pexels.com

And he said “Go and anoint my chosen ones. Those who are not afraid of my judgment but choose to come boldly unto My throne room. For the hour of judgment has begun but fear not I come not to condemn you I come to set the captives free. Whoever has the courage to listen must do so and ask for wisdom to understand. I was once in the world and I know the powers which live upon it but I am opening a gateway that you can cross over into the heavenly realms and be with me and The Father. For I give unto you peace which thy can only taste once thy has decided to follow me and walk in my ways. For I lead only where the Father guides. He is the Protector of all. The maker of the beginning and the ends. For He is the Great I Am and I am with Him and He is with me and I am His. Just like you will be with us and we be with you and you will be ours. You are a chosen generation but you lack a great faith. Can you still hear and choose to be death and can your eyes see and still be blind? I see horses looking like angels a magnitude ready to charge down from heaven like waiting ready for army. Never disqualify yourself for the race. I have made you and it is only I who have the power to take away in you. Write what you see.

Then I see my vision change to blood running down the screen and almost covering it completely and I see the Great I AM sitting on a throne shining so bright I can only see the rays of light and on His lap sits a lamb. And I see what looks like shadows of mountains of people raising their hands high and worshipping them. Then I see a sword being drawn out and I see the white robe turning red. And then I see a great angel or Him carrying a big baby down the staircases of the heavens as crowds of people watch and the baby in heaven with a crown on His head. Then I see angels in all different shapes and sizes pushing down pillars from heaven onto the ground and I see a picture where angels are dressed for battle. And stand with swords ready to want to fight but they are only to keep watch and I hear crowds complain and cry out to the heavens. I see a set of hands opening a red scroll on a rock and then a tribe of lions laying watching. Keep writing… Okay Lord I say. I see someone sitting and the scroll becomes long and white on a red table cloth and the person starts to write with a feather…. “Is this why the feather fell the first time I went up to heaven God? Do you want me to write about it?” I ask the father. “Write only what I tell you and what you see. For our eyes can deceive us and our own ears can cheat us.” I know my God and I will Abba Father. Then I saw an empty ordinary wooden chair with a small leather sling handbag over it. On the table in front of it was a brown leather book with marking almost like carvings on the outside.

Of people drinking planets and then I saw a vision of someone it looked like he was sitting on the throneroom of the most high which is impossible. I could not make out of it was a woman or a man and it was very old and looked diteriorating it was in chains. And I began to itch all over and felt not well… And angels were guarding it. Then I saw another sword. A golden one bigger than the planets or galaxies being drawned out and it was cast in the sea and killed the creature in it. Then I saw a beastly creature which was black and had hooves on his head. He was carrying metal battle wear and out of the sky came the One on the white horse who is wearing a golden and red crown and he draw out His sword and cut off the creature’s head. And a symbol of a cross shown in heaven a while and white and then faded away like smoke. And then I saw Him who killed the beast sitting on the throne with the sword in His hand still. And then I saw again the eyes of a woman tired and she had been bound up by rope but now she had been set free and He was carrying her over green pastures and he for once now had a blue robe on and He looked refresed. He carried her like a baby in His arms and sat her down beside a riverstream and from His hands gave waters to drink. And as she drank her hair began to glow and her eyes became brighter and she looked at Him and touched His beared and breathed out the words; Immanuel. God is with us. And then He gave her something to eat and as she ate she healed and started singing and praising Him. He is the bread of life. Whoever trusts in Him will never be put to shame again. And then I heard clearly;
“Behold I am making all things new. You will become like a baby born new again from another. Woman will wish they were no more because their children will follow me as if it was I that has born them into this life even though it was I but unless you be born a new man in heaven you will not find My peace nor a resting place for your feet. But I say to you again.. Do not be afraid. For I am with you even to the end of days. Do not be afraid for I am with you even to the ends of the earth. I am making all things new. A new covenant for my people. A new Jerusalem. A new place to life and worship the God who formed you and knew you. Do not fear this world or any in it. For it will perish soon along with all the wicked in it. I see again an angel thinking and looking down. And a hawk circulating the earth. The Lord sees all and knows all things. It is I who have made them into existence. Fear only when I close the door or my men and the light goes out. For you do not want Me to depart from you or from this world. Those days those not even born will wish they are not to be born. A time comes when all light will cease to be and a key swallowed. And that is beyond return. You all have so little to give up. I am here Wonderful Counselor, Mighty Ruler, Defender of All. Trust in Me and you will see glory. For glory will be given to you unto the Most High. Not for your Rightiousness but because I came to save the world not to condemn it. I came to love and so you also must love one another as yourself. For intimacy with God the Father and then love as He had love is what I ask. Is My commandments. I am a God of trust of love of truth of light of life. Come to Me all of you who are tired and I shall give you rest.” And I see a picture of stars… “as I have your forefathers and those generations before them. Prepare the way for the King. For He is Risen.”

Peace be unto you dear brothers and sisters. Might you all be born again in heaven as we become a new Jerusalem for Christ to live in until we see Him face to face, Glory unto the most High forever and ever Amen.

Love to all the nations,


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