First Rains

Today we had our first real rain for the summer in South Africa.

My son had a cricket game about 100 km away and just as we got there the first drops started to fall. All the way back we went and without complaints. The big white blanket of clouds covering the earth soothed our emotions too.

As we got home we played some board games and then all four of us sat in our room reading. I read a classic, Danielle Steel, my husband some triathlon book, which is his latest passion, my son his hunting magazine and little Milla her first english book by Dr. Seuss. I never thought I’d ever see this day.

Sometimes the rain falls mainly on the right time. Bringing us new beginnings along with new seasons.

As I hear the wind still raging outside my window, I creep deeper under my covers and hold my book a little tighter, knowing this must be what heaven feels like.


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