Lunar Eclipse: view from South Africa

Fun family time! Staring at the Lunar Eclipse last night, 27 July 2018. The photo was borrowed though, but it looked the same through our binoculars. Lol 😉


Sharing a photo of myself, my son and daughter looking at the moon. Daddy was taking the photo. What fun we had! All in our gowns, trying to stay warm. Setting the mood  “Moon Shadow” by Kat Stevens was sang loudly by us all.


Please share any pictures you took! Would love to see them!

Lunar love,



10 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse: view from South Africa

  1. Lauren Macdonald says:

    Wow, looks amazing! Wha a treat! Love Moon Shadow, brings back my youth! I haven’t checked in to find out but I hope yo


      • Lauren Macdonald says:

        Maybe, I’m 45…I don’t want to assume from photos haha, like asking someone if they are pregnant and finding out they’re not, lots of love L


      • Bloggingandtea says:

        I always ask questions without thinking them through. Like asking a lady what her age is via social media for everyone to see. Glad I didn’t ask your weight. Sorry fear. I am 32. I guess after 30 you realise age is just a number and each year a blessing to make new memories with our loved ones!

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