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2018-07-26 16.17.24

3 thoughts on “Quote for today

  1. Lauren Macdonald says:

    I love the blogging community, so encouraging. Compared to the cut throat world of print publishing. I love that we can publish something less than perfect for no particular target audience and it will hit home to someone we least expect. I love that we connect across continents and meet souls and spirits even when our bodies may never be her each other. Thank you for your blog.
    I also love Amy Tan. My husband was sick for 7 years and we still say on a bad day, in answer to the question, “How do you feel?” – “I’m smash flat like sandab.” after reading what Amy Tan’s mother would say about getting hit by a car. Funny how lines stick and take on a life of their own. Writing is so important, so is reading, so is sharing, so is connecting. Thank you for doing all of the above.
    Lots of love, enjoy your heating today.

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    • Bloggingandtea says:

      Wow!! What a welcoming comment to read Lauren! I really needed to hear that and there you go thinking something, writing it off and by me reading it we just connect perfectly! Thanks for always commenting and following up. It’s so nice to know someone out there can appreciate and connect to your thoughts. Like you say, without ever knowing how you look like, where you live.. its just so unjudgemental to me. If that’s even a word? I tend to make up my own sometimes. English being my second language and all, it is always harder to find the correct the most suited words to express your emotions and thoughts. Lol
      Love how you say “publish something less than perfect” because that’s what it is. It’s real emotions put out there without anyone taking away something from what you were really trying to communicate too your audience. And the best part.. interacting.
      Hope it’s going well with you too! Our power is off again.. it just went off when I finished my work. So glad!
      Many blessings to you!!

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      • Lauren Macdonald says:

        Yes the interacting is the best! and I make up words all the time too. I only wish I could do it in another language! What a gift. God Bless you and war you up today! Love L

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