Any tips for having no power in mid winter?

This just happened to the power station feeding power to our neighbourhood.

The power has been off for the second day now and we were unsure of the cause. Looks like we’ve found it and might be stuck without electricity for a while here in Pretoria, South Africa. Gotta love a Third World Country!

Please feel free to share any tips for surviving without power during mid winter!

#OnlyinSouthAfrica #Colddaysahead #Inneedofafewtips





13 thoughts on “Any tips for having no power in mid winter?

  1. Lauren Macdonald says:

    Wow, full on! I hope they can do something soon. My husband and I are huge cold frogs, since chronic illness. We wear beanies and big jackets inside, hot water bottles are brilliant. Do you have a gas stove? Sometimes just cooking at the right times of day helps. So does keeping the curtains closed until the sun is on the window. then opening it to let the sun in. The trick is never to get cold, it is so much easier to stay warm than to try to get warm again. I am big in to air pockets. someone told me once if you get stuck in the snow you fill your jacket with dry sticks and leaves to create an air pocket that your body fills up with warm air. Not a lot of help I’m afraid. god luck, God do a miracle here. L


    • Bloggingandtea says:

      Hi Lauren! I am with you on the miracle. The community is really pulling together bringing warm soup, coffee and food for the guys on-site! Everyone is amazed by just how the community is working together and the teams are working through the night. I was just laughing at your expression about the “cold frogs” 😂, because it is just so true. We also get cold quickly and due to having had a back operation a month ago the cold does not help with the pain and my mobility is hampered. But will def be able to use your tips! We do have gas so that really helps to be able to wash a bit, have a warm cup of Joe and we even had some french toast last night! My kids still think we are “home camping” and loving it so as long as they are happy, we might as well join in. Hope the chronic illness gets better, will pray for you guys as well!

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      • Lauren Macdonald says:

        Thank you, we are well now but the temperature gauge never really got back on track. Was just thinking maybe you could actually put the tent up and sleep in it. My husband has camped with the kids indoors before when I was having a baby in hospital and I remember them all saying how hot it was! Could be a good plan! HAHA. Community is the best. I’ll pray that it lasts beyond the crisis and this is a great catalyst for you all to come together for the long haul. I’ll pray for your back. Stay warm, L


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