What does July bring to your family this year?

For me living in the Southern Hemisphere July brings cold windy days, cups of warm hot chocolate, a long winters break and the start of our coldest month of the year.

Five of my top things I love of July

1. Sitting in the dull winters morning sun

2. Weekend morning cuddles

3. Celebrating my beautiful daughter’s birthday

4. Warm winter stews

5. Warm hot chocolate with marshmallows in!


Five of my top things I dislike of July

1. No snow for us in South Africa

2. Early winter school mornings

3. Double the amount of washing – think all moms can relate!

4. Having to buy a whole new wardrobe for the kids

5. No swimming

What does July bring to your family this year?



11 thoughts on “What does July bring to your family this year?

  1. Lauren Macdonald says:

    It’s winter here in Australia too, I like it because we have a breather from our family’s birthday party season, (4 in May and June, 2 in August, 1 in September.). I like that the kids take longer baths so I can get dinner cooked much more quietly. I love the sunrises and sunsets most of all. I love wearing warm clothes and never being sweaty. I love going to the beach when no one else goes and walking the shore line. I love the whales playing off the coast. I think I like winter better than summer when I think about it. I like being cosy. It’s nice to think about all the positives of winter. thanks


  2. floatinggold says:

    “Early winter school mornings” those are sooooo annoying. July for me, this time around, will be warmer than any other July, so it will be a trial. I think it will pass before I realize it’s over. I look forward to September when kids go back to school.

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  3. transcribingmemory says:

    It’s wild to me to conceptualize that you have winter in July. I like in the United States and this July especially has been HOT! Hot for us anyway. Thank you for your interest in my blog and I look forward to following yours.

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