The School Holidays are finally here – Fun Ideas to do at Home and on a budget!

The one thing all moms and kids look forward to – three weeks of no school, lunch boxes, homework, school uniforms, traffic, and getting up on cold winter mornings.

Although we are thrilled about more time we begin to wonder what we will do with the kids for three cold weeks for fun and on a budget!

Due to my recent back operation I am basically bound to bed and no driving for the next three weeks which is the exact amount of time the holidays are on. So here are ten fun things we will be doing during our winter break at home.

1. Sleep in (Yep, definitely everyone’s favourite and therefore Number 1 on our list).

2. Binge on our favourite Movies (I know too much television is bad for kids but one or two hours of the latest movies are just fine).

3. Board games Day (The kids loves this day and actually created the idea on their own. You take one room and create your own little game stations. You start at the first and just carry on – we usually put a small prize in the middle of each game which just makes it even more special and really raises the level of excitement and urge to win).

4. Play Dates (Arranging a play date for your kids gives them a change of  environment, good social interaction and lets face it some down time for mom. By exchanging the favour you know your helping another mom keep her sanity and the two of you can also catch up and exchange some ideas at the same time).

5. Sorting and cleaning Day (Even though this does not sound like much fun to the kids, you will be surprise just how much they love to help out around the house. Old things become new treasures and by helping to de-clutter and taking some responsibility helps kids to feel needed and create new energy for the next school term).

6. Pajama Day (You heard me correctly, a day where mom don’t say “Get dressed, make your bed, pick up your clothes, tidy your room”. On this day there are little rules and the whole household takes some time to relax and just be. Just like kids need responsibility they also need to let it all go every once in a while).

7. Plain old “Playing Outdoors” (This day is one of those days where you sometimes need to push a little bit and even help guide their imaginations to get working again. Due to kids having such demanding schedules, imagination gets lost between books, sports and assignments. The amazing this about our imagination is that once we find it again it tends to stick around. By supplying kids with a few simple things  and leaving them to create their own game is really all there is to it. My favourites include bicycles, dress-up, a few toy guns or dolls, a small tent or anything to create a tent with, or cleaning the old treehouse. Before you know it, you will be begging them to come inside).

8. Baking day (Cookies, muffins, pastries, their favourite cake. Kids love learning in the kitchen and lets face it who does not love to lick out the icing bowl).

9. Pizza Day (my kids just love-making their own pizzas! You don’t need to make the doug. This is all about easy! Buying a few pizza bases goes a long way. Some of our favourite toppings include pineapple squares, ham, the best mozzarella you can find mixed with good old cheddar cheese, bacon, fresh avocado and lastly some basil leaves from our own herb garden. Yet another great idea which includes learning and fun all in one).

10. Sporting Fun (This works best when dad are around. Grabbing whatever sport gear you have and including everyone to join in the fun makes for some of the best memories your kids will always remember).

My list can really go on forever. Whats most important here is knowing your kids and what you as a family like to do. Go on and create your own list. You can even ask each one in the household for a few ideas and combine them into creating your own Holiday Fun!

# Feel free to add your list in the comments or share some tips for holiday fun!





7 thoughts on “The School Holidays are finally here – Fun Ideas to do at Home and on a budget!

  1. Lauren Macdonald says:

    I love this, particularly sporting day, pj day and sorting and cleaning day. Three I haven’t done before and will add to my list this holidays. We often have family art day when the kids and I sit down and all paint a version of the same picture from some master with a step by step youtube video. Lots of fun

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bloggingandtea says:

      Wow – Family Art Day! What a great idea! I love it, especially painting the same picture… this way you can also show that everyone is unique and can express themselves in their own creative way. I hear you on the “master youtube videos”. Always a great tool to help guide the way!

      Liked by 2 people

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