Why does it sometimes feel as if all Christians are broken?

This is a question that has been asked by me, by others to me and to others many times.

Why does it feel as if all Christians are broken? Why does it feel that many people who find God are struggling? Why are Christians always facing problems?

This can cause many people to move away from religion, to decide to become less involved with the whole Church-thing or to just want to return to their “normal” lives where everything is normal, relaxed and less intense.

I have asked God this question myself and also struggled a bit to find an answer.

During some quite time this morning I heard the Lords voice speak to me on this topic.

He said “All people are broken.” I replied “Yes, Father I know we all have sin but why does it feel as if Christians face more struggles?” It almost felt as if God smiled and said again in a calm, gentle voice. “All people are broken not all people have sin. You see the difference?” he asked. I smiled and agreed that I listened more clearly now and was beginning to understand. He began to explain to me how once you accept Jesus your sins are forgiven and you become sin free because Gods Spirit inside you helps to guide your choices and actions. You do not live in this world anymore and you are made whole through Christ. Your eyes are opened and your ears can hear. You are one with God and now see what he see, hear what others don’t hear and feel what he feels. What once did not bother you, bothers you now because your view has changed. But the world is still a broken place and you have to continue living in it.

I love tea so God took a teacup as an example to explain it better to me.

He began saying. You were once a broken teacup, yet you did not know it or choose to acknowledge it. Once tea was poured into you it would leak through the cracks and make a big mess on the tablecloth. Staining it and seeping through onto the table or run down onto the ground causing spillage everywhere. Then your pieces were taken apart and you were mend. Suddenly, you are not broken as before and can keep the tea warm and fresh on the inside. You now know what your purpose is and can see what mess you have made in the past. Yet, you are still surrounded by teacups not knowing or choosing to acknowledge that they are broken. The mess they are and have created do not bother them, they do not know their true purpose and are oblivious to their actions. To them it is still one big tea party. This bothers you though and no matter how hard you try to avoid them and the mess they are creating you are surrounded by them and their spillage spill onto you. Their brokenness affects your surroundings and emotions. We are just like teacups. Once we become whole in Christ we might feel as if we are facing more struggles, yet we have always faced them. We just did not know we were.

Even though the mending process is hard, sometimes our pieces needs to be taken apart one by one to be placed and glued together again and the end result is still worth it.

Many people say “If I need to be broken first to become a Christian I do not want to become one”. The simple answer is that you are born broken. You are born into sin. Period. It is not your choice, your creator made you this way. You need to choose to acknowledge it for God to start the mending process for total restoration.

God made us whole but through this broken world we have become broken. Chipped daily. Spilling our tea little by little and loosing our purpose day by day. Even if it looks like it does not affect us it does and all surrounded by us.

“The most broken we are, the less we appear to be, the more mending we need , the harder our mending process will be”.

So my answer to you is this. It is not a simple one because we are complex, holy, worthy of it all.

Yes, all Christians are struggling. We are being mended. Because we choose to do so. And even though it looks hard. We are not mending ourselves. God is. He has us in His hands every step of the way. We are merely pieces being clayed together by the potter to find our purpose in Him.

And whether we choose to let him mend us or not. We will never be able to live our life’s purpose being broken. Because no matter how hard we try, we cannot pour from a broken cup.

Stop being scared to feel, to lose, to surrender to be mended or to face a little struggle. Let it all go and you will find rest and peace and purpose in him.

7 thoughts on “Why does it sometimes feel as if all Christians are broken?

  1. Lauren Macdonald says:

    I love the tea cup analogy. Don’t you love it when God explains things just for you! He relates to each of us so uniquely just as he makes us so uniquely. I have a collection of unique tea cups and I found this picture really resonated with me. Praise God that he mends our cracks and lets us hold his “tea”. Bless you, L


  2. cindy knoke says:

    It is so true, as a life long psychotherapist I can attest: All people are broken. Those who think they are not, are often the ones who cause the most problems, and the one’s who are least likely to turn to God for the help they need.

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