Dancing with emotion

Sometimes I wonder why there are days like this.

Days where it feels as if all the world’s sadness creeps into your heart as if hiding from itself.

You are overcome by emotions which you never knew existed nor ever felt. And you also want to hide, unable to understand your own hearts desire.

The sound of the wind stirs a longing unknown. Your eyes stare blankly ahead trying to comprehend the picture you heart sends. Although unfamiliar you long for this moment to never cease.

It turns from a longing for love to hard to comprehend to excitement filled with contemporary flare – a ballet of delight.

Then you dance, a stanza of Quartet – beaming in a courtesan’s dress. All eyes follow your gaze, your breath – longing to see, touch and feel your nakedness.

You have become a symphony – waltzing in the desires dreamt up by this world.

You cannot fight it nor do you long to. As a warm embrace it fills your most inner desires.

Overcome by delight your mouth burst open in laughter as you appreciate this most profound gift. Unrequested, yet more valued than pearls.

No more do you wish to turn and hide. The ballerina continues dancing the choreographers maze.

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