In your company – Poetry

In your company

What makes you so powerful?
Your smell evokes me
Your touch makes me linger for more
You make me laugh
I can’t wait to hear more from you
Your words are everlasting

You take me to places I never even knew exist
You touch my heart and make me feel emotions deeper than my soul
I linger on your thoughts
I long for your company
I can take you with me where ever I go
It’s you and me and me and you

Sometimes you teach me
Other times you just sit with me
Sometimes we go places
Other times you give me a place to go

How can anyone not long for you
Not want to know your thoughts
They must have never taken the time to just sit with you

You teach me and scare me
Sometimes at the same time
You have become one of my most essential needs
I can keep you to myself or share you with those I love
Cause to you, jealousy don’t even exist

Come, my book – let us continue on our journey

J. Swanepoel







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