“No tree is of no use” – J. Swanepoel

For a while now we’ve noticed a tree in our back yard with no leaves, filled with only dead branches. After much discussion we decided that the tree must be dead from the inside. Still, there was so much beauty in the dead tree that we just couldn’t get ourselves to cut it down.

Every night when I looked up at the stars and the trees branches would get captured in my image I actually became more drawn to this tree than any of the other trees in our garden. It was mesmerizing.

Last week, while I was outside my husband told me to look up. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The once dead tree now had a bush of leaves on it. During the day it even provides shade for the dogs the lay under or the kids to play beneath it.


Thus I came up with this quote which will now always stick with me.

“No tree is of no use”. J. Swanepoel

This reminded me that it is also applicable in our own lives. No person is ever of no use. Even though we might feel as though we have died from the inside, as if our hearts have broken beyond repair. Through our brokenness, we still shine for someone else. Just like the tree at the right time, under the perfect circumstances, we can start to live again and flourish in such a way that we even start to provide for others needs without even realising it.

Thus I have come to another understanding and that is that “No man can ever be of no use”. J. Swanepoel

Even if we feel like we can’t go on. We still shine, provide for those in need and live to tell the tale. Cause just like trees, we all have to go through life’s seasons.


6 thoughts on ““No tree is of no use” – J. Swanepoel

  1. Tony says:

    HI! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on fitness funnies. I am enjoying my visit to your little corner of the blogosphere. I certainly agree with your concept of trees and men. That is a wonderful positive concept. I think it also helps us to follow our intuition rather than just our reason. There is often more to something or someone than meets the eye.

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