My Favourite Quote of All Time

We all have a quote we tend to live by. This is one of mine.


From the famous author Dr. Seuss. What’s yours? What speaks to your heart and makes your mind wob? Go ahead, comment below and share your thoughts.



7 thoughts on “My Favourite Quote of All Time

  1. Paul Handover says:

    Well I came here initially to leave my thanks for your recent decision to follow my scribblings over on Learning from Dogs. But I can’t resist offering you a quote that I love: Man to friend: “Why is it that we haven’t been visited by an alien species?” Friend: “Because they have seen no signs of intelligent life!”


  2. revsalia says:

    Hello! You really got me thinking. I have a few quotes I live by. My grandfather said, “Maintain yourself and everything else will fall into place.” I don’t know if its original or a take on somebody else’s quote. Nevertheless, it works for me.

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