The Word of God

The Word of God sometimes comes to us when we don’t expect it. It comes to us when we forget to listen or when we least expect it. It is alive and it speaks to our hearts. Sometimes it asks something of us, sometimes it just comes to comfort us. To heal us, to embrace us, or just to love us. It is love. It is comfort. It is healing. And all these things are alive, just like it.

It speaks to thousands of different people.

Over thousands of years.

At different times in their lives.

At different times during the day.

Bringing different words of wisdom.



Anyone can read it over everyday and still learn something new each day.

What other book can do this?

Why can it do this?

Because the WORD of GOD is ALIVE!

It is God speaking to Us.

It CHANGES everyday.

To help us on our way.

It changes for EVERY HEART.

Because God changes us.

More each day

Into His image

So that we can become Holy.

For we are born into a Kingdom of Holiness.

So learn to listen to His words

His voice

His Words

He is speaking to you if you’d only listen





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